How To Expand Your Talent Bench With Internal Talent

StandingOut\W3 is an internal career mobility and uniquely human skills re-skilling solution to enable employees’ capabilities to more effectively contribute their knowledge in their teams, connect with colleagues and their manager and to share ideas with senior management. In so doing, these employees are seen and heard as the internal talent senior management is searching for to expand their talent bench and pipeline with.

Our Tier I Global Insurance Company use-case highlights how enterprises striving to expand their talent bench and pipelines internally to drive talent retention, can also achieve their enterprise objective for greater inclusion and belonging with a more diverse talent bench through Employee Resource Groups’ career development initiatives. If you’d like to learn about this use case, contact us.

The IBM study The enterprise guide to closing the skills gap highlights that behavioral skills, such as the ability to communicate effectively in business context, are employers’ primary re-skilling objectives today.