What do millennials and the CEO have in common?

What’s the common thread between the worries that keep CEOs up at night and the millennial ideas about workplace leadership? Empowerment of human soft skills.

CEOs worry about employee skills – hard skills as well as soft skills. Millennials aspire to become workplace leaders and believe strongly that leadership means empowering others to succeed.

It is clear that having positive “executive presence” as a leader means having exceptional human presence as a peer, colleague and collaborator. It is clear that your employees have gain the confidence to raise their hand before they can expect to be tapped on the shoulder for a leadership role. It’s clear that empowering them to succeed is the best path forward.

Standing Out\W3 has created a breakthrough new program to empower human presence through soft power-skills. By participating in the Standing Out\W3 program, employees learn how to engage with purpose and meaning. Employees practice giving and receiving feedback – and then applying what they learned.

Please try the program for yourself and discover how your ERGs, teams and branch locations start standing out.

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