Empower people with the interpersonal power skills, what we call Human Presence skills, that help them stand out,

Our Approach

As AI automates repetitive tasks, the difference that separates often hard to find internal talent from the rest of the pack is standing out with creativity, clarity and confidence.

Our Story

We started StandingOut\W3 to help talent leaders, L&D practitioners, belonging and inclusion advocates and team leads to empower their people to more effectively progress in their careers where they work. Our solutions are designed to help smart, hardworking, and creatively employees, your internal talent, to stand out. They learn and practice amplifying their interpersonal power skills, what we call Human Presence skills, delivering their point of view with clarity and standing out with confidence in their workplaces. Our approach and solutions enables employees to more effectively contribute in their teams, engage with their colleagues and manager, and confidently share valuable insights with management.

Meet the Team

Stephen Krempl

Stephen Krempl, former CLO of Starbucks and YUM Brands, has had a front row seat similar to your front row seat, observing how some employees successfully progressed in their careers, while others did not.

Stephen has developed a successful Multi National Corporate ILT solution which helps employees globally stand out to their senior management. Furthermore, he has conducted his ILT sessions at a multitude of companies including: Applied, Materials, BASF, VISA, Qualcomm, OCBC, DBS, Cigna, and Bank Mandiri. All of these corporations wanted one thing; to prepare their leaders for the next level!

Bob Kelner Headshot

Bob Kelner

Bob Kelner is an eLearning, EDTech and Higher Education marketing strategist recognized for spotting trends and developing valuable commercial insights to help change the mindsets of practitioners and thought leaders on human capital challenges and the solutions to address them.

Bob led teams on innovating higher education employer partnerships at Laureate Education Inc., Bellevue University, and Kaplan. The CLO Symposium recognized Bob’s Bellevue University body of work for Excellence in Academic Partnerships with The Home Depot, Verizon, Convergys and SunTrust Bank. GE Crotonville selected Bob and his Laureate Education Team, the only higher education resource as a Charter Network Member in their BrilliantYou initiative.