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Video Based Micro Coaching, Practice & Feedback of Interpersonal Power Skills & Human Presence Skills That Empower Employees To Stand Out.

Fill talent gaps more quickly today and tomorrow. Equip internal talent with the right blend of technical and interpersonal power skills to effectively communicate, collaborate and contribute ideas in their teams, with colleagues, management and senior executives.

Now empower the hard-to-find and often invisible smart, hardworking and creative employees. Help them find their voice and use their human presence skills to be seen and heard as the internal talent that senior management is looking for. Expand your talent bench and fill your talent gaps.

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Searching for the right people skills to enable your employees to more effectively communicate, collaborate and contribute in their teams, connect with colleagues and their managers, and share ideas and insights with senior management to mobilize internal career progression too? StandingOut\W3 has a breakthrough video-based micro-coaching solution developed by a former F500 Chief Learning Officer.

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